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HQ Racing

It may be easy to drive a fast car quickly, but driving a nearly standard HQ Kingswood, complete with 3.3 Litre 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual, now that’s a challenge!

The concept of racing HQ Holdens was 'invented' in Tasmania and introduced to mainland Australia by the Sporting Car Club of SA, who promoted the first mainland race at Mallala in 1989. This category has redefined the term 'close racing', with racers diving 3 abreast into corners with amazing regularity. The best part for would-be racers is that, in relative terms at least, racing a HQ Holden is an inexpensive way to enter into competitive motor sport. After the initial purchase of the car, strict regulations ensure that maintenance and modification costs are kept to a minimum. With everyone using the same cars, there’s no shortage of advice for newcomers from experienced racers on how to tune cars and improve lap times.
HQ Holden Racing is the definitive entry level category for saloon car racing in Australia, providing the opportunity to enjoy close racing and develop race craft at an affordable price.

A significant clause in the HQRA Constitution states that the class will “never allow any freedom within the regulations of the HQ Holden class that will allow the class to deviate from its roots of providing low cost circuit motor racing While the National body oversees the category, each state has a separate club that supports its local members and works with their state race promoters to facilitate their involvement in the local competition HQ Holdens, while being primarily club level racers, compete on all tracks in Australia with the exception of the high profile street circuits. From the exciting high speed tracks like Bathurst, Phillip Island and Eastern Creek to the tighter challenging circuits, Mallala and Winton there are events including HQs in every state of Australia throughout the year. Each year an event to determine the National Champion is held in a different state by rotation, while the individual states run an annual point score series to determine the Driver of the Year for that state. From short sprint races of five lap distance, to a four hour Enduro, the various states provide plenty of variety and the opportunity to test drivers and crew., 13.8.2015

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