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Commodore Cup

Commodore Cup is an Australian one-make motor racing series. Originally devised by Victorian racers Maurie Platt and David Gittus, it was named for the car all competitors were required to use in competition, the Holden Commodore.

Eligibility is limited to specific Commodore models. Originally, only the first three series were allowed: VB, VC and VH. Motive power was limited to the 4.2 litre (253ci) version of the Holden V8 engine with a limited level of performance modification.

In 2004 the national series made the VR and VS model Commodores eligible for competition, though the mechanical package was not changed substantially. The later model cars proved to be faster than the older ones, leading to a drop off in numbers of the older model Commodores.

The older cars found a new home in Darwin, at Hidden Valley when Alan Langworthy saw an opportunity to maintain affordable V8 racing. Alan purchased the first four cars to make their way north from Melbourne. Whilst the national series folded after the older models dropped out, by maintaining strict adherence to the original moderate cost concept, the Commodore Cup category has remained alive and maintained consistent entries.

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