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Family Membership

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Family Membership shall provide for any person or persons to have involvement with the club.  Membership will provide for parents and or guardians and their immediate children from that relationship.  This membership will allow two individual memberships and as many junior memberships as required of that relationship.

HQ racing requires an affiliation fee to be paid for any drivers.

If there is any questions regarding NAMSC memberships, please contact

Email addresses for family members


Please note, each family member is now required to have their own, unique email address. This email address will be used once during the inital membership application and will enable you to receive future emails from NASMC.


If you, or a family member, don't currently have an email address, we recommend that you create a Gmail account »


If you don't wish to monitor this new email address, you can set up automatic forwarding to your main email address »

Family Name
Personal information - Primary Membership Contact
Please provide your name and other details. You will be listed as the primary contact for this family membership.
Affiliation Options - Primary Member
Select your area/s of interest in NAMSC. Pick any one or multiple options to stay up-to-date on those interest areas.
Family Members (up to 5 family members permitted)
Please provide the details of up to 5 additional family members.

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