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Circuit Racing

Circuit Racing allows for door-to-door racing by drivers with the required level of Motorsport Australia licence and a logbooked race car compliant with category regulations.

NAMSC facilitates Circuit Racing in four categories: Circuit Excel, HQ Holden, Commodore Cup and Improved Production.

Circuit Excel

Circuit Excel has rapidly established itself as a cost effective and competitive series, using Hyundai Excel's with limited modifications for fast, fun and affordable racing and a great way to get started on track.


HQ Holden

HQ Holden racing is one of the longest running categories of car racing in Australia.  It may be easy to drive a fast car quickly, but driving a nearly standard HQ Kingswood, complete with 3.3 Litre 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual, now that’s a challenge!


Commodore Cup

Commodore Cup was an Australian one-make motor racing series with all competitors required to use limited models of Holden Commodore. NAMSC has continued to run the category since the end of the national series using VB, VC and VH model Commodores to keep vehicles close in specification and racing close.

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Improved Production

Improved Production cars are defined as 'commercially available touring cars' and are allowed a reasonable level of modification to allow both the racer and the designer room to create an exciting form of race car. Improved Production is a popular support category for a number of the V8 Supercar rounds held throughout Australia and for the Bathurst 12 Hour Endurance event.


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