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Circuit Racing

NAMSC facilitates circuit racing for 3 categories. These categories include Improved Production, Commodore Cup and HQ Holden. Please see below for further information about each category. 


Improved Production Racing

Improved Production is one of the fastest growing categories of circuit racing in Australia. Improved Production cars are defined as 'commercially available touring cars' and are allowed a reasonable level of modification to allow both the racer and the designer room to create an exciting form of race car IPRA is a popular support category for a number of the V8 Supercar and Fujitsu V8 Rounds held throughout Australia. IPRA also races as a support category for the Bathurst 12 Hour Endurance event.



Commodore Cup

The Commodore Cup was an Australian motor racing series. A one-make series originally devised by Victorian racers Maurie Platt and David Gittus, it was named for the car all competitors were required to use in competition, the Holden Commodore. The category has always been a national series, but also mostly an amateur series. Despite this, the category has produced a V8 Supercar race winner in Lee Holdsworth. The category was one of the core categories of the Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championships....

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HQ Holden

It may be easy to drive a fast car quickly, but driving a nearly standard HQ Kingswood, complete with 3.3 Litre 6 cylinder and 3 speed manual, now that’s a challenge!


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