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Honour Board

The North Australian Motor Sport Club (NAMSC) relies on many volunteers to coordinate club activities and make events happen.  Without the tireless efforts of its volunteers the club could not operate.

Whilst there are awards to recognise the contributions of volunteers in a given year, from time-to-time there are volunteers who have made such extensive contributions to the club that those individuals may be nominated for inclusion on the club Honour Board.

The Honour Board is a perpetual recognition of the club's appreciation for the efforts of these volunteers.

Like those individuals recognised as Life Members, additions to the Honour Board are not given every year, but only when there is a volunteer who has displayed significant and continued merit.

1978 G Everingham 1996 L Feehan    
1979 G Masters 1997 G Kroonstuiver    
1980 B Fielding 1997 J Scott    
1981 P Harding 1998 G Kroonstuiver    
1982 J Potter 1998 J Kroonstuiver    
1983 D Bennie 1999 Peter Drescher    
1984 B Heydon 1999 Dave Cheetham    
1985 N Hutton 1999 John Weston    
1986 T Wenborn 2000 Frances Duncan    
1987 J Lengton 2002 Peter Anderson    
1988 B Whitmarsh 2003 Stacey Walkey    
1989 B Nixon 2003 Erik James    
1990 I Shelby-James 2004 Marian (Scab) Bujnowski    
1991 G Thompson 2005 David Ling    
1992 G Hickling 2006 Marian (Scab) Bujnowski    
1992 G Bishop 2007 Gavin Thompson    
1993 L Eather 2009 Tiffany Kearney    
1993 P Drayton 2013 Ross Page    
1994 D Hutchison 2013 Adam Cullen    
1994 J Siebert 2014 Sandy Alp    
1995 T McManemin 2015 Leigh Bujnowski    
1995 J Kroonstuiver        


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